Cod Liver Oil

Origin: Cod liver oil from wild caught Norwegian Cod (Gadus Morhua)

Processing:  The production process is closed and digitally controlled. The oil is extracted by centrifugation at moderate temperature below 100°C. No additives are used in processing. The refinery has HACCP system implemented and follows The Food Hygiene Regulations

Cod liver oil (Gadus Morhua), is produced by gentle heating and centrifugation of cod livers from cod captured by MSC certified fishery

Sustainability: Cod is captured by sustainable MSC certified fishery in Norway.

The complete value chain is according to MSC standard, and complete traceability is ensured. Application may be used in all food grade applications. Please obey relevant national regulations

Color: Light yellow

Odor: Characteristic, typical cod liver oil

Additives: Free of additives

Allergens: Fish

Grade: Human  

Packaging: Barrel, 190 kg/200 l, under nitrogen

Storage: Protected from sunlight and oxygen

Shelf life: Minimum 24 months from production date