Herring oil

Product name: Herring Oil Bulk

Origin: Herring oil from wild caught North Atlantic Herring (Clupea harengus) by Norwegian and Icelandic vessels

Processing:  The production process is closed and digitally controlled. The oil is extracted by centrifugation at moderate temperature below 100°C. No additives are used in processing, 0,5-1,0 mg/g of mixed tocopherols added. The refinery has HACCP system implemented and follows The Food Hygiene Regulations

Sustainability: The herring oil is MSC approved (Marine Stewardship Council- Sustainable and environmental approval)

Other Certificates: Halal certification. The factory is ISO2015 certified and FDA-, China- and South Korea approved

The herring oil refined by Fortuna Oils was also rewarded the “Superior Taste Award” in 2018.  

Color: Light yellow

Odor: Little, due to deodorizing

Additives: Free of additives

Allergens: Fish

Grade: Human. Fortuna Oils is the only factory within the EU that can refine herring oil with human grade   

Packaging: Barrel, 190 kg/200 l, under nitrogen

Storage: Protected from sunlight and oxygen

Shelf life: Minimum 24 months from production date