Anchovy oil (Bulk)

1812 Anchovy Oil

Origin and Sustainability

Origin: Morocco

Anchovy  live along the 2000 kilometers of Morocco’s coastline and constitute a very considerable resource.

Being a large exporter of fish, Morocco has modernized the structures of this sector and adopted an unprecedented modernization and development policy.

This is explained through:

A qualified and well-trained workforce:

Improving the quality of fishery products has become a major concern of the public authorities and of all the actors operating in this field. Therefore, they benefit from extensive training to guarantee a result that meets international requirements.

Cutting-edge technology and compliance with health & sanitary standards of quality and safety:

The country has strengthened its regulations on food control and has
become more and more concerned with fishery products due to pollution of aquatic ecosystems generated by wastewater discharged without prior treatment and accidental pollution.

Quality assurance and health surveillance recognized worldwide:

Faced with food safety issues, fish-related industries are subject to rigorous control at various levels of the value chain. These checks are carried out by many organizations that issue certificates of laboratory analysis.


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