Salmon oil – Bulk


Due to co-mingled production at our suppliers, the products may contain traces of other species than salmon, and salmon with origin from other European countries.


The production process is closed and digitally controlled. The oil is extracted by centrifugation at moderate temperature below 100°C. No additives are used in processing. The refinery has HACCP system implemented and follows The Food Hygiene Regulations.

Salmon Oil has a unique level of freshness. As the processing facility is located adjacent to the salmon harvesting station, production occurs within a few hours of harvesting.

In contrast, most marine oils on the market are produced from fish or fish by-products that have been transported and stored for a considerable time.

Consequently, those oils are more oxidized and will have higher free fatty acid, free radical and TOTOX levels, increasing the risk of further oxidation and rancidity.

1000 ppm natural antioxidant is added.


The oil is from farmed salmon producers with Friend of Sea Certificate (Certificate NO: 13332-2018-PC-NOR-ACCREDIA) and according to MarineTrust Standard for Responsible Supply of Marine Ingredients Version 2: Reg. No. 157.



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