Refinery – contract manufacturing

Our state of the art fabric can refine your crude marine oils into oils with human grade.

Modernized in 2017, the plant is certified to ISO 9001-2015 and has a capacity of 1400 metric tons of the finest quality refined oil per annum.

The refining process removes unwanted components such as free fatty acids, pigments, contaminants and various other substances that can impart fishy flavour or off-flavour to the oil.

The specifications can be generic or they can be determined in agreement with customers in terms of individual requirements.

Other ingredients can be added, such as vitamins, antioxidants and flavourings. Mixed tocopherols, olive oils or olive leaf extracts can be used as antioxidants.

All ingredients/additives must be non-GMO, non-irradiated and preferably and Halal-certified.

The products are packed into steel drums, IBCs, tank containers or flexi containers, all according to customer requirements.

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Omega-3 bulk

We also offer marine oils ready for capsuling or bottling.

Product rangeEPA mg/gDHA mg/gTotal Omega-3
Cod Liver Oil5070190
Herring 5060180
Herring + Olive oil (tba)
Herring + Olive oil + Omega-3 concentrate70170300

Every batch of omega-3 fish oil produced at Fortuna Oils AS is analysed per specification. The batch is released only when it meets the specification. A certificate of analysis (CoA) is issued for every batch.

CoAs can be delivered upon request. Kindly contact us.

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Jamal Mohammadi


Phone: 004795784655